The development of a website starts with the design. Previously, we created a design for each different size and the website was built on those formats. For example one for a computer screen and one for a mobile phone. Today we do this a little different. Websites are now made responsive. This means that the website is scaled to the screen size of the user. So the user can always display your website properly.

In addition, we now take into account the ease of use;
• Is the control logic,
• Is the website understandable without any problems,
• Is the operation easy to learn,
• Is the operating consistently etc.

In combination this is called interactive design. Something we apply to all our projects.

Once the design is finished, our developers get the task of building the website. We say build, as each layer is built up from the ground. During construction, an integrated CMS (Content Management System) is included in the website. This system can be both standard and customer specific, depending on your needs and naturally this CMS is user-friendly.


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