We do not want to brag, but complex webshops are our particular speciality. A great many of our clients have a franchise company, work with retailers or want a separate webshop for each specialism. In each of these cases they need a coordinating webshop under which shops for the dealers or the specialisms fall, a challenge our IT specialists think nothing of.

Dealer webshop
A dealer webshop enables you to have all your retailers’ webshops in a single system, recognisable as components of your company but each with its own signature.

Mini webshop
Increasing numbers of companies with wide ranges of products want to present themselves as ‘specialists’ at the same time. A mini webshop for each specialism is the best way to do this, because each one is recognisable as a component of your larger organisation. Your client therefore benefits from specialist knowledge in combination with the recognisability of a reputable company.


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