DatamanagementProduct management information system (PIM)
The Prepublisher 6.9™, our advanced software system, makes a single clearly laid out databank of all your user guide, catalogue, web and app texts. This databank can be drawn up in different languages, if required, and is simple to edit. The Prepublisher™ is, furthermore, linked to your (ERP) bookkeeping system so that you always have the correct article data at a single glance.

The Prepublisher™
•  orders your product range
•  gives you a single central image bank of your products and product information
•  is linked to your bookkeeping package
•  is user friendly

Media bank (DAM)
We have developed a media bank for all your photos, YouTube video clips, packshots, pictograms and other image and sound material. This system also provides an overview and is easy to use and keep up to date.

With Prepublisher™ and our media bank, you have all your product information together. This is ideal if you want to compile a paper or digital catalogue, set up a webshop or fill an app and it is essential for omnichannel.

Backbone Mediabank Schema

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