A folder enables you to bring a selection of your product range to the attention of potential buyers. The folder is one of Backbone Company’s original products, as is the catalogue; we have been producing folders for more than twenty years for the most diverse clients in just as many different branches.

Product folder
A product folder can be used to describe a limited number of the articles in your collection in detail, along with the specifications, models and types available and delivery times. The price is not the most important factor here but it is usually given in folders of this kind. A ‘quiet’, technical look is ideal for the product folder.

Special offer folder
A folder with attractive photos of your special offers will bring them to the attention of clients and potential clients. The price is of particular importance in this kind of folder and therefore has a prominent place in it.

Information folder
This type of folder provides background information about a specific product: what can your client expect as regards quality and how should he use the article in question? This is an eminently suitable medium for giving your clients the opportunity to say what they think.


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