Our company first started out making catalogues; we are second to none when it comes to turning a list of your articles into an impeccable catalogue or folder. The manual entry of article numbers is time consuming and inefficient, and mistakes can easily be made. Our handy databank means that this is a thing of the past. We link the databank to your (ERP) bookkeeping system to give you the best possible overview of your current stock, if so required.
We produce all types of catalogue, from reference works to sub catalogues.

Reference works
It is extremely useful to have your all your products conveniently arranged in a thick, glossy annual catalogue. Such catalogues not only make lovely reference works but are still popular as promotional gifts.

Theme catalogues
You can bring products based on the same theme to your clients’ attention by means of a striking, handy little catalogue. The theme could be anything from ‘environmentally friendly packaging materials’ to ‘Sinterklaas articles’.

Sub catalogues
If your client only wants his employees to order a specific segment of your articles, you can create a convenient, separate catalogue which is limited to that group of products.

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