Icons AppsComputers, laptops and mobile telephones have something in common in that they were initially used solely for business purposes and only permeated our private lives later on. This is not, however, the case with the app; we got to know the app as a private application on our smartphones. It has taken a lot of companies a long time to realise that apps can be used for an infinite range of business-related activities. Fair’s fair, we saw the endless possibilities of applications very early on, which gave us a head start on our competitors. We are, for instance, the only company to link apps together to form a single larger one, which we call a ‘suite’. And we give our suites a modular structure, so that you can determine which apps you want in them. You may wonder why that is handy, so here are a few examples.

Sales app suiteApps V3
The Sales app suite is indispensable for today’s sales representative. All up-to-date price, stock and product information is available together on the tablet, even if the client does not have an Internet connection when you pay him a visit. The presentation is on your app, so you always have the most recent version available. You can send the order and report of the visit directly to the office and there is no administration afterwards. If your appointment is cancelled at the last minute, the nearest alternative can immediately be found by means of the Sales app suite because it has a GPS function which is linked to your client database. In short, with the Sales app suite, you have the entire office at your disposal even when you are ‘en route’.

Facility app suite
This is the application for the receptionist. Convert your reception desk into the digital linchpin of your company. Your visitor reports in via the Facility app suite at the desk and you, in your office, are immediately alerted to the fact that your guest has arrived. Colleagues check in and out by means of the suite, so that the receptionist always knows precisely who is on the premises and who is not. You can book the meeting room and, moreover, your lunch by means of the suite. Is the lamp in the toilet broken? Just send a message with your smartphone to the Facility app suite and the responsible colleague will be notified.

Event app suite
This is just the thing for the organiser of a congress, company party or festival. This suite has countless possibilities too: it enables you to arrange the ticket sales, have your visitor sign in to attend certain lectures in advance and send him the presentation afterwards, compile a carpool route, include a photo app and show the tweets on a big screen during the event. With this suite, you know exactly who is present on your festival site or in the congress centre; this is information which can, literally, make the difference between life and death in the event of an emergency.

Sneak preview
Our specialists think up new suites every day. They are, for instance, currently working on a hotel app suite, with which your guest can make a booking, enter or leave his room, use the minibar, peruse the daily menu and see what there is to do in the vicinity of your hotel if the weather is good - or bad.

Another suite which is ‘under development’ is the Service app suite for servicemen. They can store workslips, fill them in, have them signed and send them back to the office immediately. Of course, the Service app suite also has a GPS function.


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