Royal Talens

Royal Talens is traditionally one of the biggest names in the market when it comes to oil paint, acrylic paint, brushes and other art materials. Within the laboratories in the headquarters in Apeldoorn, new formulas for paint are being developed and also being produced. Every self-respecting artist has a wide scale of Talens products within their studio, which is a little extra to be proud of for a creative company like Backbone Company.

Backbone Company vs Royal Talens
Royal Talens is the ideal Omnichannel customer. Next to the main- and partial catalogs and the webshop (which is nourished by PIM), there is also a native order app for representatives and customers from Royal Talens. This app contains relevant product information and is CRM informative. The app is always up-to-date, even without an internet connection. By having this app, Royal Talens representatives always have a powerful sales tool at hand. Backbone Company not only does the technique but is also responsible for the design. In short, omnichannel in optima forma; paper, e-commerce and m-commerce from one source.

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