Quantore serves as the wholesale purchase and distribution of office materials. They distinguish themselves in the market by their large assortment of quality and logistics. Nearly five hundred office specialists, focused on the consumer and business-to-business market, are affiliated with Quantore. Together they have a strong purchasing power, therefore Quantore belongs to one of the biggest players in the market.

Backbone Company vs Quantore
Thick, Thicker, Thickest. The Backbone Company yearly makes different catalogs for Quantore such as: the Brand (Huismerk) Catalog, the Durable (Duurzame) Catalog and the Main (hoofd) Catalog. Asside that, each year in collaboration, a Range (Assortiments) Catalogus of 1400 words is produced. Furthermore, the Backbone Company creates flyers, brochures and hundreds of webshops which are kept up to date on a monthly basis. Also the Quantore app’s are created and launched in cooperation by the Backbone Company and Quantore.

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