Lankhorst Taselaar

Lankhorst Taselaar is the biggest international operating wholesale in selling watersport products of the world, with establishments in Sneek, Lelystad and Rheine. Lankhorst Taselaar BV as wholesale is providing more than 10.000 products at watersport shops in countries like the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, Germany, England, Ireland, Spain and Denmark. All products are being kept on stock, and sended out of the central warehouse in Lelystad. The products from Lankhorst Taselaar can be found in every watersport store and watersport related companies.

Backbone Company vs Lankhorst Taselaar
Backbone traditionally produces the main catalog in 3 languages yearly, every self respecting watersport store within the Netherlands and surroundings does her orders out of this catalog. All this clearly gets supported by websites from Lankhorst and Talamex which were designed and build by the Backbone Compan

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