Goedkoop existed for over 80 years as a family-owned supplier of timber and building materials for the renovation in and around Amsterdam.

Backbone Company vs Goedkoop
Goedkoop built a huge webshop together with Backbone Company that offers many opportunities in the building industry in the Netherlands. The distinctiveness of Goedkoop is the knowledge that the staff owns. Each customer gets full attention when visiting, expertise is huge in the workplace; this is also shown in the webshop of Goedkoop.

The fresh and responsive design of the webshop is entirely produced by Backbone, but 'there's more to it than meets the eye', by ingenious technique not only the status of the stock in each of the four branches is transparent to the user, also there can be filtered on required characteristics. In addition, after the customer has logged in, a pleasant environment developes in which they can create their orders and have it processed.


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