de Rolf groep

De Rolf groep is the producer and supplier of a wide scale assortment in educational materials, digital learning, game- and development materials, creative materials, outdoor play equipment and furniture for over a decade. The exclusive Rolf development materials are being sold worldwide. It is important for de Rolf groep to assist children on a young age with their growth, so they can give them a fighting chance for a good future. De Rolf groep is following the latest trends on childcare worldwide, so customers will always be provided with the latest products and services for childcare and elementary schoo

Backbone Company vs de Rolf groep
The colorful main catalog from de Rolf groep is one of the more beautiful productions which the Backbone Company takes care of regularly. The webshop gets further more powered by Pre Publisher content which creates great synergy from suppliers in data, to help de Rolf groep out in the educational market in their best possible way.

de Rolf groep (substructure scan)
Not that long ago, consultants from de Rolf groep walked through schools with paper or a laptop to check the status from learning materials. This process nowadays get done with an iPad and gets the analysis done by an extensive scan. This scan not only maps out of the current status but also directly advices the customer. With the advice optimized, a complete tender rolls out. Their result: a rise in profit of 50% in efficiency.

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