What is omnichannel?
You display your products by means of all kinds of sales and marketing channels: catalogues, folders, websites, webshops, apps, advertisements and banners. Thanks to the smartphone and tablet, your client can use them interchangeably. If all of these channels are linked, made complementary and allowed to communicate with one another, your client will see your brand everywhere - in your own style. He sees the photos on your website in your catalogue as well - and the video clip on the app in the webshop too. And he can make an order just as easily with a tablet as a desktop or telephone, because all the channels are interchangeable and work with one another. This is how to reach your client wherever he happens to be. This is what ‘omnichannel’ is all about.

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Building blocks for omnichannel

The integral management of your product data is essential for omnichannel. This multimedia approach is based on an orderly system for all your product information: a single databank for all written information and a single media bank for all your image and sound material.
You can find our solutions for integral product management here.

We are the backbone of product range management for a great many trading companies. This is not that surprising when you consider that we have been relieving clients of their sales channel-related concerns for more than twenty years. Omnichannel is a relatively new concept, but for us it is a logical follow-up to the traditional sales instruments: catalogues and folders.

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Product information system
The Prepublisher 7.0™, our advanced software system, makes a single clearly laid out databank of all your user guide, catalogue, web and app texts. This databank can be drawn up in different languages, if required, and is simple to edit. The Prepublisher™ is, furthermore, linked to your (ERP) bookkeeping system so that you always have the correct article data at a single glance.

The Prepublisher™
•  orders your product range
•  gives you a single central image bank of your products and product information
•  is linked to your bookkeeping package
•  is user friendly
More about PIM.

Media bankWe have developed a media bank for all your photos, YouTube video clips, packshots, pictograms and other image and sound material. This system also provides an overview and is easy to use and keep up to date.

With Prepublisher™ and our media bank, you have all your product information together. This is ideal if you want to compile a paper or digital catalogue, set up a webshop or fill an app and it is essential for omnichannel.
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If your organisation has an extensive, variable range of products, a catalogue is indispensable. We translate your database rapidly and perfectly into a digital or paper version. 
More about catalogues.


It is becoming more and more common for webshops to enclose a folder with their packages to clients. This is understandable because a folder is a relatively inexpensive way to keep clients informed about products and special offers. We would be delighted to advise you as to which folder best suits your target.
More about folders.

The growth of applications on smartphones and tablets is unstoppable, certainly now that the business market is also discovering how effective they are as sales channels and at supporting sales processes. We are specialists in this field!
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Our aim is to have your webshop exude your business atmosphere so that your visitors have the feeling that they are in a real shop and stick around to browse. If you are a dealer organisation or have franchisees, you are in luck: our specialists like nothing better than to build complex webshops!
More about webshops.

Whether you want a technically complicated solution or a really simple one, we have the answer for every budget.
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