When to move with new technology?

As a Marketing Solutions company you have to stay close to new technologies. Especially in the field of content distribution, marketing automation, supply chain optimization there are today so many new technologies emerging that all have a potential impact on your customers playing field.


Beacons, IoT, VR, Augemented Reality, Cloud Computing, Wearables, The Internet of things, are just a couple of fields we have to stay close to.


But when to act? Too early means a lot of investment in something that will take a long time to achieve a ROI, too late could mean a negative business impact.


Gartners Hype Cycle, for many of you known, but for many others new, is a very powerful overview of emerging technologies and a great help to make that decision to move or not.


I use this very often, so why not share it in the network...Link to Gartner






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