The costs of sales people

Targeting and segmenting is a real science and a huge market, according to IDC (source: D& the market for market data is over $11B and growing. Why is this such a big market and growing rapidly?


Simply put: the costs for acquiring new customers are bigger than the costs to ensure you target the right customer segment.


This accounts for all marketing and sales channels and is surely not new.


But…. How many sales people, especially in field organisations go out and carry the right information about their prospect, the size, the name of the decision makers, the hq address, etc. Or simply put: Do they open the right doors? Speak to the right people? Do they win the right customer?


Dear Marketing Directors, Sales Directors, CEO’s how do you equip your sales people? And don't forget especially the reps in their 1st or 2nd job, in their twenties is raised with information at their fingertips and expect nothing less from their employer!




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