The costs of sales people (2)

I’ve started my career with Lyreco, one of the leaders in the office products industry with thousands of sales reps. After my bachelor I directly started with this great company and my friends and family thought I was crazy!


A bachelor, salesman? Are you nuts?


I wanted to have a career in Marketing, but my idea was you need sales experience to be a good b2b marketer!


Doing 12 visits per day and with a target of 9 new customer per months it was a great first job.


I’m sure today I would not be as successful as I was a decade ago. Customers are more online driven, time for the salesmen by purchasers has reduced due to productivity pressure, buying behaviour has professionalized and surely there are other reasons why I would not win today 10 new customers per month, as I did over 15 years ago.


But… depending on the service or product salespeople is still one of the strongest sales channels. Naturally closely combined with telesales, customer support, online marketing. Sales people can deliver the difference in your monthly results!


But…. They are expensive…. So salespeople need to be as efficient as possible. This means Data and Workflow digitisation.


And I’m not just referring to CRM….


What solutions do you have installed within your organisation?




3 Map Overview Sales Intelligence App

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