Partnering a continues investment

Partnering is easier said then done, you have to find common ground, a common goal and probably most important, people have to match.

But as stated in previous posts, partnering is a fundament for succes, so finding the common ground, finding the common goals and finding the matches between people is crucial to make things work.

The objective is to bring all partners together and to let them learn from each other, get to know each other to find that common ground and match making, common goals are not to be expected, but who knows....

So Backbone will not be put in the middle, it's the team of partners that is central and Backbone is merely a facilitator, the stronger the network, or better said, the stronger the team, the stronger the position of all partners.

We will also launch a partner website to ease the connections between the partners and there is more on our sleeve! Naturally this is all quite an investment, but we do this with great enthusiasm and I'm sure that the energy we will receive in return is more then enough to do this again!

Curious? No problem to drop us a message.






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