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Already some years ago I've read the bestseller "Delivering Happiness" the book about the early days of Zappos. One of the messages that I learned is that service is one of the cornerstone of marketing and that this can only be delivered with a strong company culture. Logical? Yes. But how do you create such a strong culture within your own company.... Don't worry I'm not a guru, because I've read a book, I'm just sharing my experiences with the idea to get input from you and to structure my thoughts.

In a previous post I spoke about The Backbone Ambassador program. So far this is a great initiative, with results, but more important it's one of those bricks needed to create the culture we envision.

This week we've held two totally different internal meetings, and looking back they were basically the same....

We organized this week our first "Pizza Evening Marketing Meeting" a voluntary meeting right after office hours, with team members that are close to marketing. And the central questions were; whom are we?, what is our vision?, how do we communicate today?, how should we communicate?, actions?! And it was just great, a clear vibe went through the team, strengthening the team, with clear take aways and actions! And most important creating the same "language".

Later this week we held an IT team meeting. IT projects and products are +70% of our turnover and it's not simple to align all disciplines and characters. We basically took a mirror and looked to our selves, what do we do?, what can you do better as a team member?, what can we do better as a team? This reflection delivered open discussions, great ideas, and clear actions.

Two totally different meetings, but basically (and I wasn't aware of it upfront) with the same objectives: creating a great culture! With key words such as transparency, ownership, involvement, creativity, innovation,.... All words that we want to see coming back in our marketing messages....





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