1 billion B2B sales in just one year!

Amazon just announced some results about their b2b marketplace. And let's be clear b2b is not totally new, already some years ago a b2b platform was acquired, so 1 year? No not really they already had quite some B2B traction. But still....it's a staggering number.

Especially when you look at the tempo of change of more "traditional players".....

The big question is, will the role of the marketplace become as important as in BtC? One could say that specific B2B routines are missing.... so no this is not possible. And that B2B is more complex with contracts, validation flows, specify customer pricing, etc....

Is this so? If one could merge purchasing platform functionalities and B2C shopping, would that not give the ultimate B2B platform?

And is this not what is being created?

Threat or the  new future.... Personally I think it's the new future....it's simply a matter of time....  so better "brace for impact"!

Curious about your thoughts!





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