Who are we?

For wholesalers, we focus on the product database, linked to an image bank which we are able to build from a single source, the paper catalog, responsive shop and ordering app. In order to do this, we have both an IT department as a graphic team.

Backbone Company has been helping trading companies to display their product ranges effectively for more than two decades. Twenty years ago we did so primarily by means of catalogues, but now our IT and design specialists find user-friendly customised solutions for you in every possible medium: print, webshop, website, app and so on. We organise your sales channels in such a way that your client can use them interchangeably, and just as easily via desktop, tablet or smartphone. ‘Omnichannel’ is the name of this new way to reach, communicate with, serve and hold on to your clients.

Although we are, in fact, a young team, with more than 25 years on the clock, you could call us hands-on specialists. With a view to the future, we are continually looking for new opportunities in the field of omnichannel. Our aim is to deploy technology to solve our clients’ problems.

Working for you
We are inquisitive professionals who supplement each other’s expertise. Our technologists implement what our creative team devises. This interaction yields a continuous flow of refreshing ideas and innovative products which, in turn, lead to customised solutions for every client.

‘In your neighbourhood’
Whether you have a small, growing company or a large commercial enterprise which has already existed for a hundred years, we know the best possible way to bring your range to the attention of your customers. And because we like to work closely with you, we are opening new branches in a rapid tempo – to begin with in the Netherlands but later on abroad. It is so much more convenient for our internationally-operating clients. That is just the way we are.

Get to know us even better
You can follow us backstage on Instagram, to get to know our employees a bit better.

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